Mobile Data

Introducing Mobile Data On-demand™

ShareG is committed to redefining mobile data access, the millennial way. We are helping mobile operators adopt a millennial mindset to differentiate and compete with other operators. With our Mobile Data on-demand™ platform, we are eliminating confusing data plans and introducing on-demand data sessions.

Our unparalled cloud-based platform is over the top and requires no network level integration for deployment. We enable operators to modernize data access and maximize profits without the burden of building, deploying and managing a complex system.

Who We Are

Our Drive

Providing unmatched data monetization platform to operators and superior user experience to end users.

Our Difference

Fully managed end to end service stack with zero network level integration and customer first design to empower users to consume data fearlessly.

Our Approach

Replacing the decades old legacy systems with new, smart, cloud based solutions.

Our Mission

Delivering innovative mobile data services leveraging Mobile Data On-demand™ platform to disrupt traditional paradigms.

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