Simplifying access
multiplying profits

Simplifying Access for Users

Millennials demand exceptional service at the click of a button. They love flexibility & control and value transparency. ShareG realizes the trends and enables operators to deliver the desired experiences and gain Millennial love.

Maximizing Profits for Operators

Happy customers mean loyal customers. ShareG values users and empowers them to fearlessly consume data without worrying about data limits or overages. Users love the freedom and are fully engaged. This boosts data consumption and maximizes operator profits.

Streamling deployment and maintenance

Network level solution deployments are time consuming, resource intensive and costly. So we took the challenge to make a truly Over The Top platform that is easily deployable in minutes and is fully managed and inexpensive. Our solution magically handles all the business services for providing users with on-demand data access without any integration with operator’s legacy systems.

Enhancing user engagement

Calling customer support and waiting in line to speak to a representative is very inconvenient for users. ShareG allows users to chat with a representative from within the application to quickly resolve the issues. We also provide users with real time offers to increase engagement with them at the right moment.