• Data Quota Management
    Data Quota Management

    We allow users to set their own data limit for each session. We manage the complexity and let users enjoy the flexibility.

  • Cloud Control Policy
    Cloud Control Policy

    Operators can set various policies for a group of users. We also allow them to create real time offers for a group of users based on their user profiles.

  • Billing & Payments
    Billing & Payments

    We charge user’s saved credit card for the amount of data consumed after the session ends. Settlement report is sent to the operators at the end of the month.

  • Realtime Offers
    Realtime Offers

    Operators can set real time offers or discounts for users based on the time of day, high and low peak times, location, user profiles etc. Users can select any offer from the list of available offers to claim the discount before starting a session.

  • Realtime Consumption Metering
    Realtime Consumption Metering

    We let users track their data consumption in real time while a session is on. It is updated every second.